Does Dubai offer anything to a school-going kid?

A lot of parents and families with kids have started to buy apartments for sale in City Walk Dubai, the reason is simple i.e they want to provide their kids with a better and healthier future. Dubai is not a city for adults to try their luck, but recent improvements have also made it possible for kids to explore themselves.

Here in Dubai, kids can do countless interesting things after their regular school classes. For instance, there is ballet, horse riding, martial arts, rugby, and even beginner’s flying lessons!

The aforementioned list could keep going on, but since any parent would be more interested to know how to access these wonderful programmes and what is the cost of them, in this blog we would try to talk about that.

What happens in the schools?

Dubai’s schools have a well-known reputation of being the most expensive in the world and most of them organized into general divisions like Pre-School then Primary, and Secondary etc.

Although, these divisions can be found pretty much anywhere else in the world, what makes schools in Dubai exceptional is the fact they organize after-school activities.

Since, Dubai is a busy city with most people slogging their guts at offices and different workplaces, in the majority of the families both parents, are working.

Understandably, no parent would like their kid to become a couch potato after coming back from school. Therefore, parents demand schools to arrange various activities for their kids.

Although in most cases (especially in DIA), the extensions activities cost nothing, there are times when the access is confined to just some activities. Also, registration is also required and usually, it happens on the basis of first-come-first-served.

An initiative one-stop-shop

Since whenever a need comes an entrepreneur emerges to fill it. If we talk about this case, there is a portal-based storefront called  Afterschool. ae that offers almost everything a child could conceive in Dubai.

This unique idea basically comes from a working mother who randomly expressed her wish for something similar. However, it is only due to the energy and drive that could launch it in 2015.

Since this programme is still a work in progress, it would take some time to morph into the customers’ feedback. So, hold tight, if you are slightly disappointed with the  Afterschool. ae, the chances are that you would like it in the coming years.

How can a parent know if the activities are worth it?

Fortunately, almost every after-school activity transpiring in Dubai has a come-and-see-for-yourself policy and some policies even suggest you first try and then buy. Another great news is that you would likely get your money back if you do not find the activity suitable for your kid. Since understandably all of this varies from organization to organization, you should always ask about these things during an initial phone conversation.

You can also check the authenticity online

Dubai is virtually a village for expatriates around the world, which makes every word to travel around the city with surprising ease and quickness. So, if there is an organization charging unfairly or not living up to its name, you are likely to get informed before enrolling your kid.

In addition, there are a great many sites that could inform you of everything happening in Dubai.  So all you need to do is open these sites and click on their home page. Usually, opinion-based information lies on the top bar.

Try not to scroll very down, because the ones displayed at the top are the most recent threads. If there is a piece of specific information regarding a school, you can search it on the search bar and it would give you a list of companies and some paid advertisements.  While using the search bar, a pro tip is to use the right or specific keywords. For instance, rather than writing ‘activities after school’, you should write something that more directly relates to the topic you are keen to know about.

Since Dubai is not just a great place for professionals and mature adults, kids can benefit greatly by living here, we must suggest to every person with a child to start residing here. Luckily, there great penthouses for sale in Dubai, so be sure to try your luck!