Things to know while buying Vaping Stuff PAY ATTENTION TO TASTE

If a Puff Bar tastes burnt or strange, it’s most likely a counterfeit. Puff brand has done a great job of delivering consistently great flavors and clean hits. If you are a seasoned Puff Smoker, you might be able to tell the difference between counterfeits and official Bars by just hitting the device. With that being said, you will run into the occasional defect. Make sure to buy from a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your money doesn’t go down the drain.


Puff Bars have a blue light on the bottom of the device that’s activated with every hit. If the glow is white, red, green, or any color other than blue, it’s probably not real.


Almost every electronic cigarette business carries Puff Bar disposable e-cigarette pens. The vape community can’t get enough of these beautifully designed and deliciously flavored salt nicotine e-cigs! The standard single-use vaporizer device holds 1.4ml of mouth-watering e-liquid and a quality 280mAh battery with enough power to generate perfect puffs until the last drop of e-juice.


Puff Bar Plus is a newer model from the official company that provides 800 hits, holds 3.2ml of vape juice, and contains a 550mAh battery! Unlike its predecessor, this device has a protruding mouthpiece and thicker body. Best one are available at Mi-Pod check for more.